The importance of proper prep work prior to painting cannot be over emphasized. CRSI firmly believes the key to all painting and staining project begins with extensive preparation.

In advance of any painting/staining, all surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned. Scraping, Glazing, Spackling, Sanding and Oil Priming are a must for maximum protection of surfaces. In addition any compromised or rotten wood should be properly and professionally replaced.

This in turn adds to the cost of a Painting Project, but painting without proper prep and wood restoration work can only lead to substandard results, which in the long run, ends up costing more.

For a free, no obligation estimate and to set up an appointment – contact Matt McCurdy, one of the finest Atlanta painters for your home of business.


At CRSI you never have to wonder who you are working with and who will ultimately be making the decisions. You deal directly with the 2 owners, Joe Tichenor (Siding & Windows) and Matt McCurdy (Atlanta Painters).

Joe and Matt in turn work directly with their full time dedicated crews. No confusion or guessing here, no “talk to my boss”, “talk to my manager”, “there is nothing I can do”, “I wish I could help you” etc. Accountability reigns at CRSI as you deal directly the guys in charge.

Matt and Joe / who look forward to speaking with you

For those who like the looks of wood siding and the low-maintenance qualities of man-made siding products, HardiPlank Siding (Fiber Cement Siding) can be a wise choice. This type of siding generally is more expensive than aluminum or vinyl siding, but costs less than brick or traditional cedar siding.

One of the big benefits over traditional wood siding is its resistance to damage from extended exposure to humidity, rain, snow, salt air and termites and under normal conditions, it will not crack, rot or delaminate. HardiePlank offers the durability and performance of concrete without sacrificing the natural beauty look of wood. While low-maintenance, new HardiPlank Siding does need to be primed and painted after installation by an experienced crew.

There is no doubt that Atlanta Painters were affected greatly by this highly unusual winter storm in Atlanta and the Southeast. Just because most other businesses were affected as well cannot serve as a consolation. Can you believe this is Atlanta, GA?

Snowstorm Gives Atlanta Painters a BreakAlmost the whole workweek Metro Atlanta (and beyond) was pretty much shut down by 6 inches of snow which turned into ice on every road. As one can imagine, the South is not equipped for this type of weather in more ways than one – 10 snow plows cannot manage thousands of miles of roads here.

So what are we to do since no one is powerful enough to argue with the mother-nature? Well, we caught up on all the paperwork, made some phone calls to potential customers, and rested with the intent to get back to work full steam as soon as the roads and the weather allow.

Matt McCurdy
Atlanta Painter since 1995

It’s official now – Matt McCurdy, our house painting professional has made it to the big screen. Well, the big screen only if you can call YouTube that.

CRSI has created a channel on YouTube and uploaded a few videos for starters. Some of them are incorporated on our website (see home page and Atlanta Painters page), but one deserves to made into a separate post. Find out below why Matt is a house painter from Marietta and not a professional actor :)