Chimney Problems Show When Painting Your House

December 8, 2010

in Home Improvements by CRSI

Almost everyone has a chimney in their house. Some folks might have two or even more. If that part of a house has siding, quite often it becomes a problem area when doing your home improvement.

As a long time Atlanta painters, we know this first hand. Very often when we are hired to paint a house exterior, the first thing we do is to carefully inspect the chimney area. But even with the outside inspection some problems show only when we get inside that siding.

We want homeowners to be aware about this potential problem area and inspect it regularly. Or just call us when you are ready for a new coat on the house. Also, if the damage is significant, it might warrant contacting your home insurance company for a possible reimbursement. Make sure you take a few good photos – with the overview as well as close-ups.

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